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Hi, I’m Michael Carychao.

Maker of stories, games, gadgets, music, art, and other alternate realities.

Like me, you’re willing to reinvent yourself. You’re willing to try new things. You’ll happily shatter your ideal on the rock of truth. Every week I distill my top recommendations to help you go beyond yourself. Join me if you want to:

  • discover game-changing apps and technology

  • learn how to tell stories that move people

  • collect tips on how to soar through creative projects

  • evaluate biofeedback gadgets and productivity hacks

  • simplify and streamline your creative process

  • unearth great entertainment and fascinating personalities

  • emerge from the chrysalis of your prior self

Look for thoughts on wearables, philosophy, meditation, rhetoric, game design, parenting, habit formation, quantified self, space exploration, extra-terrestrial lifestyles, and the big, bold questions of existence.

Expect a collection of links, articles, anecdotes, and insights, made into an easy-to-digest newsletter. It's perfect for anyone who wants to read about emerging trends and ancient gems in bite-sized portions that take no more than a few minutes.

It's a feast of fun, interesting, and useful tidbits for curious minds. I offer practical advice on how to do things like building keystone habits, insights on how to explore ideas deeper, how to harness your intentions, and how to find wonder in the weird little things in life.

I interview promising creators who are pushing the envelope, share stories from my adventures, and review the latest gadgets to make your life easier.

My goal is to have fun doing my work by inspiring others to follow their passions. To help people live more fulfilled lives by owning their ideas and pursuing their own creative expression. And I believe that sharing my own stories can help you achieve that goal as well.

Discover new ways to tackle creative projects, smart ways to respond to challenges, and helpful shortcuts along your journey. If you want to create something cool and unique then it has never been a better time than now. Let's do it together.

See you there!


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